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But NCPS praised for transparency
KATY TOMER Informs officials

KATY TOMER Informs officials

Due to lower than projected enrollment, Nottoway Supervisors agreed Thursday to reduce the County’s appropriation to Nottoway County Public Schools (NCPS) by $324,106.

The move impacts the funding for the current fiscal year — not the new one that begins July 1st.

The School Division built its current year’s budget on projected ADM (Average Daily Membership) of 1,780 students — but the actual ADM on March 31st was only about 1,725.

That reduces state aid and, therefore, the County’s Required Local Effort and Required Local Match,

Assistant County Administrator and Finance Director Katy Tomer said she was contacted about the year-end numbers by School Finance Director Heather Maier.

“I find it prudent to say how much I appreciate them being that transparent,” Ms. Tomer told Supervisors, “because that hasn’t always been practice.”

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