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Complainant: Still no charges against man who flashed ‘badge’



EDITOR’s NOTE: The Courier-Record reached-out to State Police and Nottoway Sheriff’s Office for comment on this story. We had not received a response at press time.

A Nottoway County woman says she’s lost faith in authorities after still no charges have been filed against a male driver, whom she claims displayed a fake badge and gestured for her to pull over in an apparent effort to impersonate a police officer.

“I don’t trust our local law enforcement at all,” Brenay Brockenbrough told the Courier- Record this week. “If that isn’t a sad state of affairs, I don’t know what is.”

The 4:50 p.m. Friday afternoon, March 3rd incident on Rt. 460 near Richlands Dairy was covered in last week’s lead story.

Ms. Brockenbrough was driving west, toward Nottoway. She said she was being aggressively tailgated on Rt. 460 and that when she reached Richlands, the driver of the dark gray Ford F-150 pick-up passed her, flashed a gold-colored object, and motioned for her to pull over.

Ms. Brockenbrough dialed 911, described the truck’s broken headlight, silver toolbox, and license plate. She said the truck turned left onto Cox Road north of Blackstone, and police moments later stopped the truck on North Main Street near Barco Road.

After the driver was stopped, questioned, and released by State Police, Ms. Brockenbrough pursued the matter last week, traveled to Nottoway Sheriff’s Office, and sought to obtain a warrant.

“They first tried to tell me the Magistrate couldn’t help me because the State Trooper refused the give me the man’s name. They didn’t want to look for it until I demanded they do so….they had told me it would take them forever — probably so I’d get frustrated and leave.”

But Ms. Brockenbrough persisted and, “Lo and behold,” she said, “the Deputy Sheriff on-duty had the State Trooper’s contact information and was able to easily call her for identifying information.”

While she was filling-out paperwork, Ms. Brockenbrough claims, “I could hear them in the back office making fun of me and saying my report was useless.”

Ms. Brockenbrough says she was finally able to get the name of the 50-year-old male from Dinwiddie and talk to a Magistrate. “But the Magistrate said he won’t issue charges and that I can talk to the Trooper again if I want to give her more information. That’s such a passthe buck move.”

The driver apparently has a brother who works for an area local government, Ms. Brockenbrough has learned. “If they aren’t protecting the community because of hidden connections and agendas, they don’t need to be in positions of power anymore.”

More bothersome, Ms. Brockenbrough said, is that after her incident, another local woman told her she experienced a similar previous incident also involving a dark gray Ford F-150 pick-up and aggressive male driver, but “she won’t come forward and make a statement because she’s scared to upset” friends who are police officers and their families.

Ms. Brockenbrough said police didn’t conduct a search of the driver or his pick-up to see if he had a fake badge. There were reports on social media that the gold object actually may have been a Gold Magnum condom.

Nottoway Sheriff Robert Jones declined to confirm or deny that report, saying the matter was handled by State Police.

Ms. Brockenbrough said the driver told police that he “was going to his best friend’s mother’s funeral and that the reason he tried to pull me was to ‘make me slow down,’ which is bull…I’m assuming he has some connections.” She also claims he told police he was on his way to a funeral home, which he had already passed.

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