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Taxpayer wants more on why Assistant Co. Adm. leaving
SONNY ABBOTT ‘Does anyone other than Ms. Tomer thinks this is a good move?’

SONNY ABBOTT ‘Does anyone other than Ms. Tomer thinks this is a good move?’


An outspoken citizen says the departure of Assistant County Administrator “is going to hurt Nottoway County.”

Fighting emotion, budget hawk Sonny Abbott asked the Board of Supervisors last Thursday night, May 18th, “Why now? Does anyone other than Miss Tomer think it’s a good move? How long will it take before this board questions the ‘why’ of her leaving? Is there a story behind the story?”

Supervisors at the end of their open session invited Ms. Tomer into closed session for what Chairman Steve Bowen promised would be a “gracious exit interview.”

That closed session lasted nearly 90 minutes, and Supervisors continued those discussions with legal counsel for last night (Tuesday, May 23rd) at 6:00 p.m. in the Emergency Operations Center.

Ms. Tomer has accepted a position as Vice President of Administration for STEPS (Southside Training Employment Services) in Farmville. Her scheduled last day with the County is May 31st.

KATY TOMER Shown here at Thursday night’s regular Board meeting

KATY TOMER Shown here at Thursday night’s regular Board meeting

Ms. Tomer, 42, first joined the County Administrator’s Office in 2002 as a Receptionist/ E911 Clerk. She rose through the ranks to become Director of Finance and, effective July 1, 2021, Assistant County Administrator. She’s currently making about $90,000 per year.

Abbott said it’s “common knowledge that anytime an employee with an excellent work record leaves just a few years short of retirement, there is something not being said aloud. Is this ‘Chapter One’ of the new Nottoway book of pending departures? Her leaving is going to hurt. Time will tell how much.”

Ms. Tomer briefly at times fought tears but walked Supervisors through the Board’s proposed 2023-24 budget that’s advertised in today’s Courier-Record for public hearing June 1st.

Abbott and others, including citizen Sue Yeatts, Supt. of Schools Dr. Tameshia Grimes, and Emergency Services Coordinator Buddy Hyde, and County Administrator Ted Costin offered words of praise during their remarks to the Board. Costin offered, “In lighter moments I have described her not as my right hand but my right arm, my left leg, a kidney, a couple of ribs. And she always reminds me, ‘Don’t forget your spleen.’ She has been very important to my transition in here…I have only said this one time in my career — in all my comings and all my goings…Ms. Tomer, it has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you.”

Supervisor Helen Simmons said Ms. Tomer leaving “is gonna make me cry. She’s been an asset to our county and we’re losing a jewel. Nobody can do it like Katy. Katy has been there for ALL of us. She’s done so much for this county, and we need to find out why. Because it’s not right. And we love you. I love you. And thank you for all that you’ve done and all that you do.”

Citizen Abbott called Ms. Tomer “a friend…who has helped me in a countless number of ways…She has provided clear, concise, and accurate information on any question I’ve asked.”

Abbott prefaced his remarks with an overall statement on the current environment here: “Nottoway County seems to have a rather unique reputation as of late.

“That reputation grows, evolves, or diminishes as those that are exchanging their opinions warrant.

“These discussions are expressed in numerous gatherings around the area.

“It happens after meetings, ballgames, lunches, church; in fact, it happens everywhere.”

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