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Solicitation, banging on vehicles

Warmer, longer days are bringing an increased variety of calls for Blackstone Police.

Thursday, May 23rd, 1:57 p.m: Police were called to the Grab-and-Go on North Main Street where a young white female with pink hair and bookbag was “soliciting” in front of the establishment. Chief Murphy said officers responded and approached her and that she told officers, “She was asking if anyone knew the bus schedule as she was waiting to catch the bus. There were no parties on scene that were solicited for anything other than money.”

Thursday, May 23rd. 3:30 p.m: Officer Laith Abdelaziz made a traffic stop at South Main & 10th Street, and the driver ended up being wanted in Florida and another state. Chief Murphy said that apparently, neither state would extradite so no arrest was made. Murphy said the report doesn’t indicate why the driver was wanted.

Thursday, May 23rd, 6:38 p.m: Police were called, erroneously, to Dollar General on South Main, for a report of a male subject approaching customers in the parking lot “banging on cars and windows.” Three officers were en route and began arriving on scene when the caller advised they meant to say Family Dollar, about a mile away on North Main Street. Murphy said that when officers arrived on scene, the suspect wasn’t there. “A review of video footage is being conducted to see what occurred.”

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