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Nottoway School personnel actions

Nottoway School Board members Thursday night, May 9th, approved 31 personnel actions and suspended two students for the remainder of the school year for undisclosed disciplinary infractions. APPOINTMENTS

Daniel Matthews, English Teacher, Nottoway High.

Makaila Blow, Music Teacher, Blackstone Primary.

Isaiah Jones, Summer Technology Liaison.

Cornelius Simmons, Painter, (Maintenance Dept).

Joseph Lynn, NSI Instructor, Nottoway High.

Rose Miller, Summer Food Manager, Nottoway High, July 8-18th.

Crystal Stanley, Book Mobile, Nottoway High, June 6th- Aug. 8th.

Sheila Deese, Book Mobile, Nottoway High, June 10th-Aug. 8th.

Davidah Bahar-Hayes, Summer School Food Service, July 8-18th.

Avis Johnson, Summer School Food Service.

Gladys Hardy, Summer School Food Service.

Lakeyia Moon, Summer School Clinic

Heather Miles, Interim Teacher, Crewe Primary.

Jesse Crane, Reading Specialist, Crewe Primary.

Aimee Parsons, Reading Specialist, Blackstone Primary.

Samuel Williams, Health/ PE Teacher, Crewe Primary.

Kathy Arthur, Instructional Assistant, Blackstone Primary.

Christine Smith, Instructional Assistant, Crewe Primary.

Abbie Clary, Instructional Assistant, Crewe Primary. RESIGNATIONS

Sydnee Smith, Operations Secretary, Maint. Dept.

Kristen Wilson, Health/PE Teacher, Crewe Primary.

Miranda Harrison, Assistant Principal, Nottoway Intermediate.

Savannah Lockhart, School Counselor, Nottoway Intermediate.

Peter Jones, Athletic Director, Nottoway High.

Jean Spigener, Instructional Assistant, Crewe Primary.

David Street, Assistant Principal, Nottoway Middle. RETIREMENTS

Anne Smith, Health/PE Teacher, Nottoway High.

Doreen Wininger, Food Service Worker, Nottoway High.

Grace Pateras, Food Service Worker, Nottoway Intermediate.

Joyce Edmonds, Food Service Worker (Part-Time), Nottoway Intermediate. TERMINATION

Valishia Jones, Interim Teacher, Blackstone Primary, effective May 3rd.

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