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Economic development reboot?

Nottoway County’s economic development committee was abolished by the Board of Supervisors in early 2021, but it might be rising from the ashes with a new title.

County Administrator Ted Costin told the Board of Supervisors last Thursday night that staff “may be presenting to you the concept of an economic development authority, as opposed to a committee.”

Nottoway in the late 1980s started an “economic development commission” with fulltime director then changed to a commission in 1996 with no director. Both endeavors included elected officials from the County and its three towns.

After Costin was hired in August 2021, the County earlier this year hired Gregg Zody as its Director of Planning and Economic Development.

Administrator Costin told officials Thursday that he was troubled by some language in the former committee’s 2020- 21 handbook. “There was a statement I found somewhat disturbing: ‘Contrary to popular perception, quality of life issues and school system issues are not near the top of the list for prospective businesses.’”

Costin called that statement “not true. It’s very much a factor for businesses.”

Costin said he plans to revamp the handbook and did find some language he agrees with, including reasons for such a group convening in closed session.

“It’s not always about pro- tecting the County, it’s also protecting the interests of the person who’s interested in doing business in the county.”

Supervisors met in closed session once again Thursday night to discuss water options with Prince Edward County — an issue that was first aired publicly in early 2021. The County also is considering letting Blackstone run a water line to serve state facilities near Burkeville.

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