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“You can’t make this stuff up,” County Administrator Ted Costin chuckled to the Board of Supervisors last Thursday night.

Costin was referring to an apparent lost deed — one that was never recorded by the County.

The paperwork concerns a 2015 agreement in which the County gave about 9.25 acres to Southside Virginia Community College (SVCC) at Pickett Park.

Costin said the County “went through all the necessary protocols,” including public hearing.

“A deed was drawn-up, the deed was signed by parties here on the County side as well as the (SVCC) Foundation side. And it seems to have been lost. It’s unclear if there was a copy in the possession of the Foundation.

“But I don’t know if that copy — the fully executed deed — ever made it back to the county.

“Long story, short: it was never recorded.”

Supervisors voted unanimously Thursday night to execute a new deed and have it recorded to reflect that SVCC is the rightful owner.

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