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Deputies converge on wanted woman who was lured outside by friend

A stolen generator has been recovered in Nottoway County and returned to its owner, and a wanted woman has been charged in the case.

Sheriff Robert Jones identifies the suspect as 33-year-old Angela Daniel.

Jones said the Sheriff ’s Office received a report at 6:19 p.m. last Wednesday, Sept. 6th, that a generator had been stolen from the 2000 block of Jennings Ordinary Road.

Jones said the complainant told deputies he had been away from the residence for a few days and reported it missing when he returned.

Jones said a suspect was immediately developed who lived in the area — on property owned by, and adjacent to, the victim.

Jones said the suspect also was known to be wanted. “Several previous attempts had been made by deputies to locate the subject at their residence, but no one would answer or come to the door. The victim stated that he would go and speak with the suspect.”

Jones said a deputy got into the back seat of a vehicle driven by a friend of the victim. The victim sat in the front seat.

“They then rode to the residence. Upon the victim’s vehicle pulling up to residence, the suspect walked out the door and was seen by the deputy. The deputy exited the vehicle, and other deputies converged on the scene.”

Jones said Ms. Daniel was taken into custody on two outstanding warrants: Failure to Appear in Dinwiddie Gen. Dist. Court on Aug. 14th and Failure to Appear in Nottoway Gen. Dist. Court on Aug. 23rd.

Ms. Daniel also was charged with Petit Larceny of the generator and Trespassing. She was processed at Nottoway Sheriff ’s Office and ordered held without bond. She was transported to Piedmont Regional Jail in Farmville.

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