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County nearly loses $1.4 million

Acting Co. Administrator Philip Vannoorbeeck warned the Board of Supervisors last week that Nottoway County is on the verge of forfeiting $1.4 million in reimbursable state aid due to an oversight several months ago.

Sitting with Supervisors at his first meeting in his new dual role, Blackstone’s Town Manager last Tuesday night, Sept. 5th, gave Supervisors a refresher on the Comprehensive Services Act, or CSA. The Act requires counties to provide accommodations for juveniles with special behavioral needs, and the County is reimbursed a percentage by the state if paperwork is filed in a timely manner.

Vannoorbeeck said the County’s CSA Coordinator resigned last November and the CPMT (Community Policy Management Team) apparently wasn’t made aware. The end result, he said, is the County is in arrears to the tune of $1.4 million because requests for reimbursement have not been submitted.

Vannoorbeeck said he has authorized and appreciates Prince Edward’s CSA Coordinator assisting Nottoway at $50 per hour until Nottoway can get caught-up. “But that’s not okay….These are the things that we need to be straightened out. Those draw downs should have been made.”

Vannoorbeeck was complimentary of Social Services Director Shannon Reed, “who was very, very forthright and by all accounts is very talented and can certainly help clean this up,” he said. (Tax increase avoided? Page 1)

Supervisor Lynn Shekleton thanked Vannoorbeeck for bringing the matter to the Board’s attention. The County has until Sept. 25th to submit all required forms, said Board of Supervisors Chairman John Roark.

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