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School officials are urged to act


If Amelia County can do it, why can’t Nottoway?

Sonny Abbott posed that question Wednesday night to the Nottoway School Board.

Abbott said Amelia is planning to build its own Career Technical Education (CTE) center — estimated at $9.6 million — beside its high school and leave the Amelia Nottoway Technical Center after the 2023-24 school year.

Abbott said funding is “ALWAYS a problem” in Nottoway but “Can we afford to overlook the needs of those students that are not bound for a more formal education after high school?”

Abbott suggested that School Board members come up with firm figures not only for a new CTE center but also a new competition gym which has been estimated at $12 million and security vestibules at each school estimated at $8.4 million.

“Develop real numbers, potential construction timing, probable complications, and repayment costs of these three projects for the length of years necessary to meet a cost-conscious program,” the retired Ford Motor Company executive advised.

Abbott said delay will be costly and that a plan of action should be presented ASAP to the Board of Supervisors.

“The lack of preparedness will simply make it likely that the Supervisors will say no. We should move now,” Abbott declared.

Abbott said his proposal includes appraisal and sale of the current Amelia Nottoway Technical Center on Rt. 360. That facility is currently assessed by Nottoway County at $3.1 million.

Abbott warned School Board members that Supervisors in Nottoway aren’t exactly known for moving swiftly, so time and presentation of easy-to-understand facts will be key.

“Please keep in mind how timely the Board of Supervisors have been with building the animal shelter at a cost less than $3 million. That activity is almost five-years-old.”

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