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They’re lockstep

Dear Sir:

I am not saying — but “just saying” — that you know, birds of the same feather stick together.

Sam Mordan


Bring back President Trump

Dear Sir:

Reverse Doonesbury as published in main stream news media:

Trump is a straightforward heterosexual — a businessman who represents freedom and capitalism in what used to be the greatest country in the world. He’s old but he’s not a prop who even has to be propped-up once he gets to the podium.

Biden, who remained in a basement during the stolen election, is now consumed with dementia while the country continues to be run by the deep, corrupt, and leftist state. He’s not only demented but corrupt and flawed with most policies…welcome to the land where anything goes.

There are no boundaries of any kind except for trumped-up Democrat charges, and nothing works.

“Come here, Jill, and hold my hand so I won’t fall down while walking to the helicopter.” Jim Harris North Chesterfield

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