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The injustice continues

Dear Sir:

So we have proof that one-in-four don’t have drivers’ licenses or insurance. Just look at the recent hit and run downtown, and the government will not stop it!

Instead, government makes the honest vehicle owners pay for it all. Why do we have to pay for uninsured motorists’ insurance?

Let’s stop it and make sure we have law enforcement do its job without officers’ hands being tied.

Insurance companies are getting millions and millions!

Sam Mordan Jetersville

‘Upset woman in 2016’

Dear Sir:

Ben Green has no problem mentioning my name behind closed doors!

If local officials were not doing shady s&#* – underhanded bidding proposals on properties and building sales, threatening citizens, or just being liars in general — they would not feel the need for a gun.

When I stormed into Vannoorbeeck’s office, I came in with my hands only — not with a gun.

But — speaking of guns– it says a lot when a man can’t exercise in his neighborhood without his pea shooter. I am guessing that has nothing to do with angry citizens but everything to do with how he himself has treated others from a politician’s standpoint — day to day life and hell, maybe even as a used car salesman.

Vannoorbeeck should refrain from using a 5’ 7’’ woman and dogs as excuses for needing a gun. Treat people the way you want to be treated, and you don’t need a gun. The garbage collectors encounter more dogs than you do; let’s give them all guns.

The fact is that if I have future issues, I will not hesitate to address the issue or the person and will not give two cents about a gun. I am a make it/break it kind of woman. If the lights go out for me, at least I was honest and stood on my own two feet.

Give the “King” a gun so it can match his pink-studded crown and make him feel important. Have your cronies add more derogatory labels to my name in the next paper. I will add those titles to my belt loop.

Mel Crawford Eighth Street Blackstone

P. S. Those who are guilty but not found guilty by the laws of the land will be found guilty when true judgement comes.

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