Nottoway Supervisors were assured Thursday night by County Administrator Ronnie Roark that a state fire marshal is satisfied with the County’s corrective actions after 63 violations were cited in various buildings at the courthouse complex.

Roark told officials that “75-80%” of the violations have been addressed, and the fire marshal has told Building Inspector Dean Lewis that “he’s all right with what we’re doing.”

Supervisor John Roark (no relation) asked Administrator Roark if the County has the fire marshal’s assurance and extension in writing.

“We can ask Dean (Lewis) to do that,” interjected Board Chair Helen Simmons.

Administrator Roark said the biggest challenge is awaiting parts to repair the alarm system in the General District Court building. That alarm reportedly hasn’t worked in three years.

Supervisor Roark pointed out that since the fire marshal’s inspections, whenever the building is in use, the County now has to have staff conduct fire walkthroughs to ensure that it’s safe while occupied.

Most of the County’s violations involved extension cords, outlets, storage boxes in aisles preventing quick exit, failure to conduct monthly fire extinguisher inspections, failure to have records of fire evacuation drills, unlighted emergency exit signs, and issues dealing with locks.

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