Change the name to Foster

Dear Sir:

As usual, it took more than a week for your issue of October 14th to reach my mail box. I graduated from the Nottoway Training School in 1947. NTS was the segregated black high school predecessor to the Luther H. Foster High School, which was opened in 1950.

I was saddened to learn, at this late date, from your headline article, that the new school’s name was not inscribed on the building.

I agree with Ms. Christine Davis Easterling’s indication that respect would have been shown for Dr. Foster had his name been so inscribed. Inasmuch as the present day high school is on the old Foster site, I also agree with Ms. Easterling that the renaming would show some retribution for the lack of respect shown initially for Dr. Foster, a prominent Black educator. I also believe that many of the Foster Alumni would appreciate the renaming.

Don Webster

Atlanta, GA

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