ABOUT THE WRITER Bruce Brandon is a former Air Force pilot, retired Airline Captain, and Adjunct Professor at Wake Forest School of Law. He lives on a farm near Dundas. Views expressed are his own.


Is Trump the biggest mass murderer in U. S. history?

Dear Donald Trump,

From your Presidency and your own words, we now know that those who have served and those who currently serve our country are “losers and suckers,” especially those killed fighting battles to protect us.

The real heroes are the ones who didn’t get sexually-transmitted diseases and dodged the draft (bone spurs -- who knew?) during Vietnam.

Now we know: It is proper to insult our military, Gold Star families, intelligence agencies, and disabled people. Now we know. You can lie with

Now we know. You can lie with impunity to the American public about the most lethal contagion in modern history. You knowingly misstated the lethality and contagiousness of the virus and didn’t implement or even suggest basic safety procedures (except for those around yourself), even though U.S. intelligence agencies were warning of the virus in November of 2019.







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