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Dear Sir:

I read with much excitement last week’s page 8 article (“Free Food for All”) concerning the proposed grant for free lunches for all public school students.

Crenshaw United Methodist Church reachesout to the needs of the Blackstone Primary School on a continuous basis. When I asked principal Dr. Carrie Gravely in 2018 if there were needs we had not thought about for her primary students, she educated me on the “lunch tab” policy of the Nottoway County cafeteria.

If a student accumulated a tab of $15, they were cut-off from the normal menu items and given toast and juice for breakfast and a cheese sandwich and water for lunch. I was horrified that the children were being punished because the parents could not pay the food tab.

Dr. Gravely informed me we could pay the tab and allow the student access to the menu. Crenshaw paid $498 in 2018 for two periods of lunch tabs for Blackstone Primary. I went to the Student Handbook and yes, it outlines the policy.



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