Courier-Record Readers Express Their Opinions

Elect Queen in District Five

Dear Sir:

Is it time for a change?

Should different people take on the responsibilities as representatives?

Change is difficult and necessary.

Allen Queen is different. Soft-spoken family man, blue collar worker, and willing to roll-up his sleeves and go to work representing the citizens in District 5. He knows and works in the area.

It’s time for the residents of District 5 to force change. Allen Queen is that change.

Sonny Abbott

Little Creek Road


Same old Dem. scare tactics

Dear Sir:

I’m looking at campaign literature from Dr. Cameron Webb, Democrat candidate for the U.S. House from the 5th District, which includes Lunenburg and Prince Edward counties.

For a young man, he has accomplished a lot. But because he had held no elective office whatever, he is trotting out the cliché strategies. He’s promising pie-in-the-sky results with no outline of how he plans to achieve what others have promised but failed to deliver for decades.

And he’s alleging that his opponent is going to cut Social Security benefits. Can anyone think of an election in the last 50 years in which the Democrat didn’t assert this?

It’s the same thing every time: “Republicans are mean, selfish millionaires who aren’t content with their fortunes they stole from honest working folks. Their ultimate high is depriving the needy of their benefits.” No explanation is offered for how the money the Treasury would save by said cuts would be transferred to said millionaires.

The fact -- as we all know -- is that Social Security is paying-out faster than it’s receiving and will run dry in a short time if something isn’t done.

The prudent thing to do is to raise the age of retirement. When SS began in the 1930s, most people died in their 60s and didn’t receive benefits very long. Now most people die in their 70s or 80s, and the common pot of SS can’t keep up.

Proposing a higher retirement age is political kryptonite, and the vast majority of politicians of either party lack the courage to propose doing the hard but necessary thing.

So when one does exhibit the courage to steer us down a responsible path, he or she should be praised and elected.

Instead, the Democrats are willing to use fear to win the votes of those depending on SS by false allegations. Terror.

Can any long-time SS recipient remember an actual reduction in their monthly benefit? Why vote for a party that uses scare tactics on one hand, then tells you there’s nothing to fear when ‘peaceful protesters’ loot and assault?

Vince Taylor

Powell Street


Why don’t we talk anymore?

Dear Sir:

Biden talks like he works with me in Blackstone.

Now that’s just not true. He’s a billionaire.

Know that he’s no different than any other politician.

On the street in Blackstone, you’re on your own. Depend on your neighbors like back in the 1960s.

Your President should be a person who wants you to earn your keep.

People live next door to each other for years and have no idea who they are. In America that needs to stop. Political crap is separating people.

Frank Hostettler

Mill Road Shed


Character? How dare you!

Dear Sir:

I must profess to disappointment in Mr. Bill Outlaw. He has resorted to name calling (“Nottoway Dems stop at nothing,” Oct. 14th op-ed), attempting to slander the character of all Democrats which means he is running scared about this election.

Isn’t it rich? The party that has become a cult of President Trump is attacking the character of the Democratic Party.

Mr. Outlaw, if you are so concerned about character, I challenge you to opine on the character of your cult leader.

What is your opinion of Trump’s adultery (we all know about Bill Clinton), continual lying, support of anti-Semitic attendees at Charlottesville, tax breaks for the most wealthy, and then attempting to cut Social Security and Medicaid, ruining of military and civil servant careers of honest long-serving members simply because they did their duty, his sycophant relationship with Putin, his statements that he can grab women by their *&$%#$%, use of his position to get foreign governments to help campaign, his refusal to say to whom he owes $400,000,000 (a mere pittance according to Trump), his pardoning of people who might turn state’s evidence on him, his failure to encourage his cult to follow basic scientific recommendations to wear masks and socially distance thereby saving literally hundreds of thousands of lives, etc.

My guess is that you will duck this challenge just as you have refused to debate me on the issues.

Oh, by the way, most of the campaign signs I had in front of my house were destroyed, probably by one of your party. I do not impute this criminal activity of destruction of private property to all Republicans as you did re: Democrats. Glass house?!

Bruce Brandon


Not a racist thing about it

Dear Sir:

I feel compelled to state that the allegation of Christine Davis Easterling that she “believe(s) it was a racist refusal of Nottoway Public Schools to put the name of a black man on Luther H. Foster High School” and name the consolidated public high school Nottoway Senior High School is patently absurd.

When the schools in Nottoway County consolidated, the School Board did everything it possibly could to make it a peaceful transition. Blackstone High School and Crewe High School had been bitter rivals for generations, and they were combining those two schools with Luther H. Foster High School, at the black high school. The consolidated high

The consolidated high school was given a completely neutral name, and the school colors and mascot were also neutral, using nothing from the three existing high schools.

It was a tense time for both races, and there was NOTHING racist about the transition. My sister was a member of the first graduating class of Nottoway Senior High School and everyone -- administration, teachers, and students -- all tried to make a difficult school year successful.

I would also like to state that my Alma Mater, Blackstone High School, had no “letters” on the face of the building, only the year of construction, i.e., 1922. There was no identifying signage anywhere on the school’s campus.

Thus Ms. Easterling’s statement that “White students never had to endure the pain” of attending a school on which a name never appeared is a fallacy. I think I speak on behalf of most, if not all, BHS graduates when I say that the lack of a name appearing on our school building had no detrimental effect on either our education or our mental health.

The current trend is to refrain from naming schools for individuals in an effort to keep from offending anyone. To rename Nottoway Intermediate School seems to be counterproductive in light of the current desire for everything and everyone to be non-offensive and politically correct.

What could possibly be less offensive and racist than to name a school for the place in which it is located?

Tuckie Spindler Kile


BHS Class of 1967

Armory is golden opportunity

Dear Sir:

What community would not give their eye teeth to have the opportunity Blackstone has to restore and use the Harris Memorial Armory as a community and event center?

A building of sound construction, ample land adjacent for future growth, and ideally located completing Blackstone’s Historic Triangle.

What community would not love to have a group of dedicated, hard-working, committed citizens who have taken on the chore to stabilize, clean, paint, and refurbish parts of that building at no cost to the Town in order to make it functional for limited events even before restoration?

What community would not love to have a group of citizens who take it upon themselves to do the research for historic tax credits, potential funding/grant opportunities, have a schematic plan drawn showing the potential use of the building and surrounding property? Blackstone is lucky to have such a group of dedicated citizens.

Because Blackstone has in the past had such groups of committed citizens, Seay Park was established, spearheaded by three local visionaries. What was an empty, useless lot was turned into the park we have today, at little cost to the Town. Accomplished with volunteer time, donated funds and much civic and business commitment, Seay Park was the catalyst of the slogan “Come Share Our Pride in Blackstone.”

As part of that effort, “Christmas in the Park” was established the very first year, even before the shrubs and trees were planted.

Another volunteer effort by those with vision and fortitude was the Blackstone Renaissance Committee, which spearheaded the initial restoration of many downtown buildings, had architectural drawings created to assist the property owners in seeing that vision, worked with the Town to install period street lights and plant street trees. and volunteered to maintain seasonal planters, most all with community support and volunteers. It was a public/ private partnership. The efforts and accomplishments of the Blackstone Renaissance Committee was the forbearer of Blackstone becoming a Virginia Main Street Community.

I urge every citizen to support with their vote the Armory project. It is the most cost-effective opportunity this town will ever have in establishing a quality community center with historical roots and architectural character for the use of all citizens.

The Armory building far outshine any newly-built community center at an estimated cost of over $2.5 million. The Armory project has an established core group of volunteers that will work to offset cost when and where Cour they can. Does the proposed new building have such a group?

The Armory will qualify for tax credits and grants, a new building will not. Tourism today is becoming a greater economic draw each year.

With the Armory being an anchor along with Schwartz Tavern and the Carriage Museum -- both sorely underutilized opportunities -- Blackstone has a golden opportunity to capitalize on the tourist market. With greater tourism, you will draw shoppers and diners to the community to support existing businesses and, in turn, an increased tax base. A win, win.

All it takes is vision!

Jimmy Johnson

South Main Street


Be careful what you ask for...

Dear Sir:

We have a good man under fire in Nottoway County. His name is Ronnie Roark, our County Administrator. He has been the target for those who want to “look and feel important.”

Ronnie has been a loyal and dedicated servant to Nottoway County for over 40 years. He is as good of a man you will find in this county. He is a man of stature, honor, and integrity and, above all, a God-fearing man.

If you want to bully Ronnie to make yourself look better. You look pathetic.

Be careful, citizens of Nottoway, what you ask for. Something may slither out of a seat in Blackstone and come curl up in a seat in Nottoway.

Darrell Webb

Mill Road


She’s earned our vote!

Dear Sir:

Recently, I received an election polling call. The purpose was to determine what topics would dissuade me from voting for Abigail Spanberger.

As I listened, I was puzzled why they were bringing up topics that had been proven false from the last election.

Imagine my surprise when those topics known to be false aired on television and now appear in print advertisements! They use terms like “Terror High,” where she taught because she is bilingual and which paved her way to working for the Secret Service.

Our Congresswoman has voted for laws that are good for all people despite the fact that Speaker Nancy Pelosi also voted for them. Rep. Spanberger also has been recognized by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce for bipartisanship. She’s focused on solutions for Virginia -- not toeing the party line.

Another advertisement slyly suggests she supports ‘Defunding the Police’ by simple association with other Democrats!

Abigail Spanberger has worked tirelessly for her constituents and has held regular Town Hall meetings throughout the district. It is difficult these days to get bills enacted, but Congressman Abigail Spanberger did just that with HR 2881 Secure 5G and Beyond Act 2020, as well as sponsoring at least five other bills!

Challenger Nick Freitas (R-Culpeper) failed to even file in time to run! That’s especially embarrassing because he made the same mistake last year and was forced to run a write-in campaign to maintain his seat in the House of Delegates.

Abigail Spanberger is a breath of fresh air and has served our district well! Vote Spanberger!

Daphne Cole

Beachcliff Road


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