ABOUT THE WRITER Bill Outlaw is a retired U.S. Army Aviator and a graduate of Liberty University. He’s the Chairman of the Nottoway County Republican Committee.


All Virginians are well aware of the recent attacks on our Second Amendment Rights. The uprising against the leftist tyrants in Richmond against our 2nd Amendment rights has been swift and sure -- as it should be.

However, there have been other attacks on our God-given Constitutional rights that have not received the attention they deserve. Let’s look at three:

FIRST: Since our first Presidential election in 1789, we have elected the President not by popular vote but by the Electoral College. The history of the Electoral College and why our Founders chose this system is somewhat long and complicated; we can’t go into detail here.

There have been five Presidential elections since 1789 where the candidate receiving the most popular votes didn’t become President. The two most recent are Al Gore in 2000 and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Both won the popular vote and lost the election in the Electoral College by substantial margins. The uproar by Democrats to abolish the Electoral College since then has been huge and ongoing.




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