Give them all king-sized rolls!

Dear Sir:

Coletrane “Straight Shooter” Beauregard, a charter member of our original Tea Party and now a leader of the Chester Constitutional Party, has decided to run for public office. He has a much higher IQ than members of the Democratic Party (average of 70) and is far better looking than any of them. He has set his sights at the State level for the Governorship.

Coletrane says you might be in trouble if you support unimpeded access to the country. “Bring-in all of those germs from China, third world countries, or wherever. Especially bring them into our sanctuary cities, where there’s no squalor or health problems, right?”

And don’t believe for a second that Gov. Northam and his ilk are concerned about the overall welfare of the state. By their actions, the only thing they’re concerned about is increasing the Democrat voting rolls and causing hardship, health problems, and increased taxation for long-time Virginians. State government needs




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