Opinion writer strayed from fact

Dear Sir:

We’re in a pandemic. Wear a mask if you can. Keep an appropriate distance when possible.

Isn’t that -- generally speaking -- what the Governor’s Order outlines?

In last week’s Opinion section, a citizen pointed out that an Officer of Election -- a County employee -- should be terminated!

Didn’t the Governor’s Order outline “exceptions” -- those persons having received professional medical advice not to wear a mask or shield due to a medical condition -- to cover that issue?

Emotional extortion needs to stop. Let’s do our part and support each other in dealing with the pandemic and avoid “blame game” when there are medical reasons for the inability to wear a mask or shield.

The op-ed written in last week’s Courier-Record isn’t supported by the Order or other statements made, in the final analysis, when it comes to what this one individual claims.

Sonny Abbott

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