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    ABOUT THE WRITER Dr. James Finck is an Associate Professor of History at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma and Chair of the Oklahoma Civil War Symposium. Follow his “Historically Speaking” at www.Historicallyspeaking.blog or Facebook at@j


With last Fall’s government shutdown behind us, it’s historically intriguing that one of the central players, President Donald Trump -- with help from Democrats -- is helping to destroy the political reality that his hero, Andrew Jackson, helped create: legitimate political parties.

The Founding Fathers all abhorred the idea of parties. George Washington made parties the subject of his farewell address, as he left office. Yet, as Washington preached against them, they were forming around him.

The way the President was chosen in the original Constitution demonstrates that the Founders hoped to avoid parties.

For the first four elections, the winner of the Electoral College became President while second place became Vice-President. Under that system, Trump would be President, and Hillary Clinton would have been his VP.

One reason the Founders detested parties is that parties are more concerned with their own welfare than the nation’s.



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