Students need to learn

More distressing than young folks’ lack of skill in money management is their lack of respect for the flag and an appreciation for what so many Americans have died.

Every American alive today must be grateful for the sacrifices made by men and women of all races so that we can be free and have a good life.

If young folks don’t learn to love this country by the time they’re in high school, it may be too late. Liberal college professors are filling young heads with little more than trash. It’s gotten to the point where some parents are doubting the value of a college education.

A recent incident on Main Street here demonstrated the lack of respect too many have for law and order. Four teenage girls were seen making obscene gestures at a flag supporting police. They were cursing and using foul language while apparently trying to pull down the flag displayed at a local business. The business owner intervened or they may have destroyed the flag.







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