Three Threats


Our forefathers created a Constitution to address some of the most important issues to avoid extremes, as well as to create a fair policy of how rules could be changed to address issues that arise.

Such issues include how to protect the life, property, and rights of others.

Overall, our Constitution and the laws built upon it have served the nation well.

But there are three issues eroding that framework that should be of concern to all of us:


Some judges appointed to arbitrate the wording of laws chose, instead, to make law from the bench. Rather than determining that there should be reconsideration of a law that the legislature has passed, these activist judges deem themselves to have greater power than the legislatures.

The perfect example of this occurred when the Courts concluded they did not agree with congressional district lines in Virginia. Rather than simply sending the issue back to the General Assembly to redraw them, several judges decided to hire someone from California to redraw the lines and then declared his district lines the law. Nowhere in the constitution can this authority be found.


Many have chosen to ignore Congress or state legislatures when those representatives have not taken the action they wish and, therefore, ignore the process of changing public policy legally.

An example is the many executive orders that have been coming from Presidents of both political parties. The DACA (Dreamers) and environmental Executive Orders that President Obama used to bypass Congress clearly accomplished that. Governor McAuliffe’s attempts to add language to the state budget after it passed overwhelming by the General Assembly was wrong.


There are many unwilling to accept laws that have been passed or elections in which they did not agree with the results.

They believe they have the right to riot and do damage to public and private property in an effort to overturn the beliefs of the majority.

An example is the monuments that were torn down in Durham, NC and Baltimore, Maryland. In incidents all across our nation, violent rioters have ignored the life and well-being of others for the sole purpose of preventing those with different points of view from being heard.

Each of these actions is eroding our democracy. We all must work to return our nation to the roots of its founding.

You may contact Sen. Frank Ruff at, 434-374-5129, or P.O. Box 332, Clarksville, VA 23927.

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