Vote Baldwin on June 23rd

Dear Sir:

I am a lifelong resident of Virginia, having lived 18 years in Nottoway County, where much of my family still resides, and the rest of my almost 42 years have been in Farmville/Cumberland County, Virginia.

I have been a teacher in the Commonwealth for 17 years, working in alternative schools as well as public schools, both as a Special Educator and a Science teacher, and have an M.S. from Longwood in Special Education.

I am writing you today to make sure that your newspaper is giving complete coverage of all of the candidates in the upcoming election to replace Mark Warner as a Senator from Virginia in the 2020 elections, and to encourage others to research Alissa Baldwin for Senate.

I know we are all geared up and invested in the Presidential election that will happen in November, but there is a vitally important election before then.







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