When will Republicans grow a backbone?

If there was any doubt that Trump is the puppet of Russian President Vladimir Putin, one only had to listen to testimony last week of Admiral Michael Rogers, Director of the National Security Agency. Of course, Trump claims to “know more than all the generals.” I guess he knows more than all the admirals, too. Putin is capitalizing on Americans becoming soft and having a short memory. We forget that Russia continues to support surrogate countries that have killed Americans (North Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan). Just last week,

Putin’s address showed a simulation of the U. S. being attacked by Soviet nuclear weapons. Every U. S. intelligence agency has stated that Russia interfered in our last election and is going to do the same in 2018. What has Trump done to protect against this? NOTHING! Admiral Rogers stated the he hasn’t been given the needed authorization to confront this attack and that Putin has not been punished enough for his 2016 attacks to be deterred. Trump refuses to even talk about Russian interference.


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