During the 2020 General Assembly Session, there’s no doubt that small business has been under full assault.

The state House came close to approving a bill to entirely repeal the Right to Work law. Doing so would force employees to join unions and pay dues just to keep their jobs.

One Democrat introduced House Bill 153 to repeal Right to Work, which protects workers from forced unionization. Currently in Virginia, an employee doesn’t have to join a labor union as a condition of them keeping their job. HB 153 would remove that protection. Concerns were raised about the impact this would have on the capacity to attract future business deals to the Commonwealth, and fortunately, the House Appropriations Committee decided not to act on it any further.

Also, Senate Bill 426, sponsored by the Senate’s Democrat Majority Leader, would require employees to pay a “Fair Share” fee that’s no different than repealing Right to Work. It would require employees who don’t join a union to pay a union fee that’s 60% of union dues. That bill was killed late Sunday by the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee.



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