Animal officers saluted in email

Nottoway County’s two animal control officers are receiving praise for their help with a county woman’s goats and the overall manner in which they care for animals.

In a recent email to the County, Barbara Ashmore of Crewe commended Officers Kim Lindberg and Sheila Estes for their help when three pit bulls attacked her goat, and another occasion after a stray killed three ‘Nanny’ goats and five babies.

Officers Lindberg and Estes also were praised for doing a “wonderful job of providing for the animals in their care. The fence for a play area is one of the best things that we could have asked for to give all animals an opportunity to have fresh air and freedom to run and play. No one before these two ladies has given so much to keep all animals healthy and happy. lt is a joy to see the ones they have found forever homes for, and to know that the others are in the care of rescue groups that will find them good homes.”

“I am grateful for these two women, who care for animals that are in need of homes, vet care, and food. Our community should be giving complete support to this effort. lt is not always an easy job -- dealing with animals, people, and all other aspects of the job. There are days when this is a very difficult task, but they seem to do the best they can to keep everyone comfortable.”

Ms. Ashmore’s email was included in the Board of Supervisors packet for their July 16th meeting.

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