Citizen says tactic ‘damaging’

Helen Simmons’ alleged refusal to share the County Administrator’s planned retirement date with all of her colleagues “concerns me as a citizen.”

That was the message Thursday night from citizen Sue Yeatts, who addressed the Board on leadership.

Mrs. Yeatts was referring to charges made two weeks ago on Facebook by Supervisor John Roark, that County Administrator Ronnie Roark (no relation) has given his departure date to Chair Ms. Simmons, but none of the other Supervisors have been briefed.

“One of the members is withholding information from the other members -- VITAL information,” Mrs. Yeatts declared. “When that happens, you don’t have a cohesive working group that can operate well...When we have a Supervisor withholding information from four other Supervisors, we have a problem, and it’s damaging to this community.”

Administrator Roark turns 80 next month, which will also mark his 46th anniversary of serving as County Administrator.

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