Called win-win for County

A candidate for the Board of Supervisors says Nottoway County could achieve savings at its landfill with a phased-in recycling program.

Allen Queen, one of three candidates in the special election Nov. 3rd for the District Five seat, suggested expanding the landfill into an “Integrated Solid Waste Operation.”

“Rather than just accepting refuse,” Queen said, “the County could begin accepting recyclable materials such as scrap metal, aluminum cans,tin cans, newspapers, and magazines.”

Queen said recycling containers could be placed at the County’s convenience centers (dumpster sites), which are now staffed.

“You would be diverting material away from the landfill, which would extend the life of the landfill’s cells. Also, as the obvious added bonus, recycling helps the environment.”

Queen, who is Recycling Program Manager for the Dept. of Military Affairs at Fort Pickett, added, “I believe that there is not only a need for a County recycling program, but a desire to participate in recycling by a large number of Nottoway citizens.”

Supervisor Steve Bowen expressed support, saying the County could place containers for aluminum at one dumpster site, and containers for other recyclables at other sites.

Moments later, however, Landfill Supervisor Gary Easter told officials that recycling is easier said than done (See Story at right).

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