KAREN WALDROPE (file photo)
    Mentioned As Example Karen Waldrope cited this abandoned house on North West Avenue as evidence that she’s being unfairly targeted by the Town for fast-growing wisteria on her property on Brunswick Avenue.
    Before And After Photo at left shows rear of Karen Waldrope property along 9th Street in late August. Photo at right was taken Sunday afternoon, Oct. 25th, and shows where vegetation has been cut by push mower.


Blackstone accused of unfair enforcement


A Blackstone property owner has been given until December 3rd to comply with the Town’s weed ordinance, or the Town says it will take corrective action and place a lien on her property.

But Karen Waldrope of Mannboro, who owns the land and two houses in the 800 block of Brunswick Avenue, says she’s doing the best she can and believes she’s being targeted by the Town.

“Have you driven down North West Avenue?” Ms. Waldrope asked an appeals panel Thursday night. “There’s a house totally engulfed in vines by the edge of the road. It’s not hard to see... There’s no other way around this. I am being singled-out.”

Town Clerk Jennifer Daniel, who assists the Town Manager with Code enforcement, assured Ms. Waldrope, “You are not being singledout, but tonight is just about your property.”

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