And where local government decisions...take time

In a county already not known for fast internet, the Board of Supervisors has been “frozen” for two months on how best to upgrade the County’s website.

County officials hit the “refresh” button Thursday night, opting to seek bids instead of accepting a $4,800 offer from Blair Marketing of Lynchburg, which already handles the County Administration’s website needs including posting videos of Board meetings on YouTube.

The Board tabled action in September, and last Thursday night, Supervisor John Roark asked if County procurement procedure requires getting more than one price.

“Mr. Roark, you’ll have to ask the other Mr. Roark about that,” said Assistant Administrator John Prosise, deferring to County Administrator Ronnie Roark (no relation).

Prosise, who updates content on the County’s site, said he views the offer by Blair as a “continuation of services that they’ve been providing in the past,” similar to the County’s relationship with auditing firm Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates. Prosise also reported that Blair’s $4,920 estimate last month now has been reduced to $4,845.

Supervisor Roark said he wasn’t opposed to retaining Blair Marketing, but “we don’t have a cost analysis. That’s my hesitation. I just want to make sure we’re not spending taxpayers’ money blindly.”

Supervisor Roark expressed strong support for the County’s new slogan, coined by Prosise: “Where Heroes Are Trained.”

Supervisor Steve Bowen agreed, and said that at Piedmont Geriatric Hospital, where he’s employed, there’s a $10,000 threshold to seek bids.

Administrator Roark, however, said the County’s threshold is much lower -- $1,000 -- and he suggested seeking bids.

Supervisor Roark emphasized, “I want to get it done. I love the new headline. I just wish we had something to compare costs with.”

Supervisor Roark’s motion to seek bids passed, 5-0.

“Where Heroes Are Trained” will replace “On the Growing Edge of Virginia’s Golden Crescent.”

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