What a distressing time for our nation. I pray for continued peace here in rural Virginia. How in the world did that police officer in Minneapolis keep his job after so many prior complaints and incidents? Was it because of a powerful police union? I’ve been told that with some labor unions, you basically have to kill someone on the job to get fired. Well, he did. You’d think that a dirty cop would be smart enough (cunning) not to do something so inhumane and heinous in a city street, where every witness and passerby has a cell phone camera. George Floyd was handcuffed, subdued by four officers, and very much detained. May something good come out of his cruel, unnecessary death.

Body cams, dash cams, and citizen cameras are a good officer’s best friend. Heck, if I were a teacher today, I’d want a body cam rolling all day long just to show parents how their ‘angels’ really behave at school. How many injustices occurred before the proliferation of cell phones and body cams? The truth is painful. We must move forward together and always try to improve. This is another opportunity.






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