I don’t like to tease an upcoming story unless it’s something big, and only if my initial sources (yes, unnamed at this point) are credible. It’s my understanding that petitions either are, or will be, circulated this week, calling for the Circuit Court judge to recall (remove) one or more elected officials in Nottoway County for alleged Neglect of Duty. And y’all thought 2020 was exciting...

I learn a lot going through our archives. Most of us remember our last “White Christmas.” It was Dec. 25, 2010. Snow began falling that afternoon and evening and accumulated about 4-5 inches here.

After that snow, I was frustrated because I recalled another White Christmas here when I was a kid. I looked through a bunch of our bound volumes but didn’t find it. I concluded that it must’ve been one of those years when the Courier skipped an issue at Christmastime, and that it was “old news” when the paper re-opened for the new year. However, last week I found it! It was December 25, 1985, and the Blackstone area received about two inches. So I can now say I’ve been blessed to have enjoyed two White Christmases in Blackstone -- the first at age 17 and the second at age 42. That means my next White Christmas in Blackstone will come at age 67. Set your calendars for December 25, 2035.







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