The Town’s old dump site on Rocky Bump Road will be open for public disposal of brush and limbs until no longer needed. That was the word at presstime from Town Manager Philip Vannoorbeeck, who said that eventually, the Town plans to burn the storm debris. Maybe by then, the pandemic will be over and we can have our 1st Annual Rocky Bump Rock & Roll Festival.

*** While many of us are still out of power as this is being written Tuesday morning (including the entire Courier-Record staff), what the Town crews did Sunday and Monday -- restoring much of the Town’s main grid including downtown -- was Herculean. And the crews from Dominion and Southside Electric, having to deal with muddy conditions and trees blocking roads in remote areas, they’re amazing. WE SALUTE YOU ALL!

Those who sell generators and trim trees for a living are going to have a robust 2021. I expect I’ll be picking up sticks until July 4th. When you stop and think of all the trees and limbs that fell Saturday and Sunday, and how relatively few of them struck houses, we were mighty lucky. And, as of this moment, I know of no serious injuries from the storm. Remarkable.








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