Nottoway County will host a course for Incident Command training, thanks to the efforts of Burkeville’s Assistant Fire Chief.

Brian Weltch, a candidate for Burkeville Mayor on Nov. 3rd, appeared Thursday night before the Board of Supervisors and said he felt the need to bring the course to Nottoway after hearing citizens complain that Supervisors have no training.

“Instead of complaining about it, I found the solution and brought a class here.”

Several citizens -- including Daphne Norton and Sue Yeatts -- have charged publicly this year that Nottoway County doesn’t take emergency preparedness seriously. The County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) wasn’t fully operational until July 21st, and the Board Chair, who is designated Emergency Operations Manager, hasn’t taken courses to prepare for such incidents. The EOC is located in the Health Department conference room (basement).

Weltch expressed appreciation for all five Supervisors signing-up, as well as Finance Director Katy Tomer. “I do have a few slots left,” he added.

The course will be offered in January and February at the Burkeville Quality Inn. Those seeking more information or wishing to sign-up may contact Asst. Chief Weltch at: bweltch97@gmail.com

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