New animal shelter in limbo, too

Nottoway Supervisors appear to support exempting solar panels from taxation for three years, but want more information on the proposed ordinance.

Citizen Sonny Abbott was the only speaker at Thursday night’s public hearing but said he’s concerned the ordinance may be “vague” and not clearly define what’s exempted.

Local government attorney (and former Cumberland County Administrator) Vivian Giles of Sands Anderson was in the audience and offered that a key distinction to make is that Supervisors are exempting only solar panels that provide power to the host property and not solar facilities that produce power that’s sold to the grid.

Supervisors voted 5-0 to table.

Nottoway has seen an increase in residential solar panel installations.

The County still maintains a moratorium, however, on solar facilities or “solar farms.”

In other news Thursday, Supervisors held-off on awarding a contract for architectural services for a planned new animal shelter. The firm that was ranked #1 among six apparently wants to use an assessment conducted previously by another firm, which has not yet given permission.

County Administrator Ronnie Roark said the County received “six or seven proposals” and ranked the top three. He said one firm called to inquire about the status of their proposal and hung up on him.

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