Going Up Strong
Going Up Strong

Going Up Strong

Nottoway High School’s varsity girls’ basketball team put up a good fight but fell, 53-47, at home last Tuesday night, Jan. 21st, to the visiting Lady Raiders of Amelia County.


A total of 41 student-ath- att Reed. letes from nine different sports Most Improved: Noah teams were honored Wednes- Lewis. day night, Dec. 11th, at Nottoway High School’s annual Fall

SPIN MOVE: Crewe Primary School (CPS) 2nd grader Walker Miles (right) ponders his mat strategy against Appomattox opponent Timmy Logenecker.
DOWN BUT NOT OUT: CPS 1st grader Kaden Moses (left) avoids a pin by 2nd grader Ayden Willmer.
SHAKE BEFORE YOU SCUFFLE: CPS 2nd grader Tucker Simmons and 3rd grader Evan Atkins display good sportsmanship as Coach Lloyd Page supervises and encourages.
ARE YOU TRYIN’ TO PIN ME, LITTLE BROTHER?: Nottoway Intermediate 5th grader Josh Armes appears ‘tickled’ by the fact that his younger brother, CPS 3rd grader Ethan Armes, was in a position to pin him during last week’s scrimmage.


Coach Lloyd Page has revamped Nottoway’s youth wrestling program and this year has 44 boy and girl grapplers, ranging in grades from PreK-6th grade. Last Wednesday night at Crewe Primary,

UPPER LEFT: Tyler Banks is fouled while driving to the basket.
UPPER RIGHT: Therman Oliver glides for a lay-up.
LOWER LEFT: A well-guarded Octavious Casper is still able to get off a shot.
LOWER RIGHT: Willie Lawson goes up strong. Photos by Carole Hagaman

Power Moves

Nottoway High School’s varsity boys’ basketball team (shown here in white jerseys) won at home last week against Cumberland, 56-43.


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