A Blackstone police officer is being credited with helping save the life of a local man, who was on the verge of bleeding to death.

An outspoken advocate for industrial hemp says he’s filed a formal complaint against several police officers after lawmen raided his home last week and took his laptop computer, video surveillance

The intersection of Darvills Road (Rt. 40) and Military Road east of Blackstone was the scene of another collision Friday morning--this time a three-vehicle accident.


The Dinwiddie Nationals Minor League All-Stars (age 10-and-under) are heading to the Dixie World Series after winning the 10-team State Tournament in Blackstone on July 19th.

These golfers from Nottoway and Lunenburg won their age divisions in the Southside Piedmont Jr.

The Dinwiddie Angels XPlay All-Star softball team (ages 10-and-under) swept the Dixie Girls state tournament last week in Madison Heights (Amherst County) and are traveling this week to the Dixie W

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I always get a kick out of the various so-called “conservation” organizations that rate every legislator on various legislative proposals.

On June 9, 2016, three people involved in the Trump campaign and at least five other people met for what Donald Trump, Jr.

The United States in June observed D-Day, the day Allied forces stormed the beaches at Normandy, France.

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